Race Course


Course Overview

1. Race Route - Overview

Ski Course

Length: 3 miles
Route: Uphill = Warming House > Keystone > Upper Park > Yellow Brick Road > Paradise Bowl to the top of Paradise Lift > Silver Queen Road > Windy Gap.  Transition from uphill mode to downhill mode at Windy Gap then ski back down.
Gear: The ski portion of the race is uphill/downhill, meaning parts of the course will require competitors to skin uphill and parts will require skiing downhill.  Runs are green and blue in difficulty.  We recommend AT or tele gear, but split boards, and nordic gear are allowed.  Snowshoes are NOT allowed.  Helmets are required for the ski portion of the race.

Ski Course Map:

2b. Ski Leg - View 2

Bike Course

Length: 27 miles
Route: Ride from Crested Butte Mountain Resort to North Bridge put-in on the Gunnison River.
 The bike portion of the race is completely paved.  A road bike will be the most efficient choice, but any human-powered bike will be allowed. Helmets are required during for bike portion of the race.

Bike Course Map:
3a. Bike Leg - View 1

River Course

Length: 4.5 miles
Route: Paddle from the North Bank put-in on the Gunnison River to the Gunnison Whitewater Park.

Gear: The river section of the race is mostly Class I & II.  The race will finish at the Gunnison Whitewater Park and will require competitors to paddle through one Class II+/III- rapid. Any non-motorized water craft is allowed on the course. This includes kayaks, canoes, SUP boards, duckies, and rafts.  Helmets & PFDs are required for the river portion of the race.

River Course Map:
4. Boat Leg


Transitions between each leg of the race are unsupported, meaning you are not allowed assistance with your gear as you transition. Your transition times will be recorded and added to your overall race time.

Gear Collection

Competitors are responsible for getting their gear to the correct transition areas the morning of the race.  CB3P race organizers will be responsible for collecting the gear after each transition and delivering it to the Gunnison Whitewater Park where competitors can claim it after they’ve finished the race.  We recommend you label your gear with your name or use duffel bags to keep you gear together at each of the transition points.



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