Rules, Regulations & Info

No registration refunds will be issued by the CB3P organization, however, you can purchase “event insurance” when signing up online which will allow you to make a claim for a full refund in the event you cannot attend. If you are signed up and not able to attend please contact us at

Only one team member may be on course at any given time. If you wish to complete the entire race along side some else that’s awesome and we encourage it, however, you MUST register as solo competitors to do this.

-Competitors must wear a helmet for all 3 legs of the race.
-Competitors must wear a PFD for the paddle section of the race.
-If you are on a team please collect your team members gear at each transition.
-CB3P organizers will transport ski and bike gear from T1 and T2 the finish, however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen gear.

All competitors will be issued a timing chip anklet. Solo competitors will wear the anklet for the entirety of the race. Teams will hand off the anklet relay-style at each transition. Timing chip anklets will be collected at the finish line. There is a $95 dollar replacement fee for any timing chip not returned.

Every solo competitor and every team will receive 3 race bibs –
*Ski Leg Bib – to be placed on the skier’s right thigh or chest
*Bike Leg Bib – to be placed on the handle bars of your bike
*Paddle Leg Bib – to be placed on the front of you PFD

The bike course is open. Please be on the lookout for cars and obey all traffic laws. No drafting!

Safety boaters will be stationed below the first feature at the Gunnison Whitewater Park. There is no other safety set on the river portion of the course. Please respect the private property that boarders much of the river course. You can be prosecuted if you trespass on private property. A sweep boater will launch from the North Bridge put-in at 2pm on race day. If you choose to launch your water craft after 2pm your are doing so at your own risk.

Slower competitors: give right of way to an overtaking competitor. Faster competitors: use caution when passing and don’t expect slower competitors to yield in areas of danger. The Good Samaritan Rule is in effect throughout the race with each competitor accepting the responsible to assist another.

Ski = 1.9 miles up / 1,845′ elevation gain
Bike = 27.3 miles
Paddle = 4.7 miles